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About Coffee Fellows

Coffee Fellow's heart beats for excellent coffee and transparency of the origin of their coffee beans, a core tenant to their mission alongside sustainability, sourcing, and locality. Coffee Fellows understand the importance of a sense of place as they enter the Houston market. Their foundation is the use of local ingredients and vendors, including local roastery, locally sourced ingredients, and environmentally friendly practices.

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Our Quality Promise


Both our espresso and coffee beans have a dark roast and are low in acidity.


Lovingly handcrafted, your coffee gets prepared with the portafilter machine.


In our shops, you drink organic milk and organic tea and you eat ASC-certified salmon.

Every Day Fresh 

Our drinks and snacks are prepared for you right in the coffee shop.

Less Is More 

We are constantly trying to minimize additives in our products. We thus provide for an unadulterated and harmless pleasure.


Conscious nutrition with our vegan and vegetarian offerings.